Flow integration for the Atom editor

If you’re using Atom you have a bunch of options to integrate Flow into your code base.

Flow for Atom IDE

apm install atom-ide-ui && apm install ide-flowtype

Flow for Atom IDE is extracted from Nuclide, and works with the Atom IDE UI. It brings the core features you expect in a full-featured IDE into Atom, such as language-aware autocomplete, diagnostics, go-to-definition, type hints, and symbol outlines.


apm install flow-ide

Flow-IDE is a smaller package that only provides you with a linter and autocomplete functionality. It, too, currently lacks support for on-the-fly linting.


apm install linter-flow

In case you’re looking for something even more minimal, linter-flow may be worth your attention. It only lints your code and provides no other features, but it does support on-the-fly linting.


apm install autocomplete-flow

autocomplete-flow is another purpose-built tool that only does one thing. This package, as the name suggests, will give your flow enabled code autocomplete suggestions and nothing else.

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