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.flowconfig [include]

The [include] section in a .flowconfig file tells Flow to include the specified files or directories. Including a directory recursively includes all the files under that directory. Symlinks are followed as long as they lead to a file or directory that is also included. Each line in the include section is a path to include. These paths can be relative to the root directory or absolute, and support both single and double star wildcards.

The project root directory (where your .flowconfig lives) is automatically included.

For example, if /path/to/root/.flowconfig contains the following [include] section:


Then when Flow checks the project in /path/to/root, it will read and watch

  1. /path/to/root/ (automatically included)
  2. /path/to/externalFile.js
  3. /path/to/externalDir/
  4. Any file in /path/to/otherProject/ that ends in .js
  5. Any directory under /path/to/otherProject named coolStuff/